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About Us

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Saw One Radio was inspired and created in dedication to Marc "Daddy Saw" Harris, the founder of Mixx 96 FM.; who passed away from leukemia on August 15, 1997, and a special shout out to Marie "Mommy" Betsy Harris, who passed away from breast cancer on August 5, 2014.


In 1996 Mark "Daddy Saw A.K.A. Saw One" Harris established Mixx96.1 FM breaking new grounds as one of the first F.M. band radio stations to broadcast Caribbean music in South Florida. Daddy Saw A.K.A SawOne had a vision of bridging the cultural gap by bringing Caribbean music to the massive. He felt then, as we do today, that these musical forms are vibrant and deserve the very best presentation possible by current technological standards. Unfortunately, in August 1997, Daddy Saw A.K.A SawOne succumbed to leukemia, but his dream continues to live on through


Today Saw One Radio continues to bring the world the best in the Caribbean, Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggaeton, and Afrobeat music. Currently, Saw One Radio comes to you live via the internet to expand our mission to the rest of the world.


Saw One is created and managed by Mona Lisa Harris (also C.E.O. of Wild Card Promotions); she continues carrying her brother's torch while entering a new generation of technology.


Saw One Radio is supported by many and promises to bring our listeners the best MUSIC that they want to hear!


Standing out as one of the new hottest Caribbean & REAL Hip-Hop Stations based out of Atlanta, GA. playing a versatile genre of music ranging from the following:







And so much more...

We at Saw One Radio want to send much Love and Respect to all of our supporters.


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